Report: Mexican Authorities Agree to Release Imprisoned Former U.S. Marine

Christian Science Monitor - Click image to see story.

Christian Science Monitor – Click image to see story.

A Marine veteran chained to a bed in one of México’s most notorious prisons will be home for Christmas.

A Mexican judge in Matamoros ordered the immediate release of Jon Hammar Friday morning. He had been detained August 13 for bringing a .410 antique shotgun over the border while en route to a surfing trip. He and a friend, who was also detained but released after three days, were traveling on a 1972 refurbished Winnebago motor home.

The Mexican court ruled that Hammar, who served seven years in Iraq and Afghanistan and who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, had no criminal intent to bring the antique 60-year-old rifle across the border and had his constitutional rights violated.

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