White Christmas, but sunny today.

Last Advent concert at St John's Episcopal-Luthern Church

Last Advent concert at St John’s Episcopal-Luthern Church

The last of the Advent musical presentations ended last Sunday at the St John’s Episcopal-Lutheran Church. Of course they invite visitors and new members to the 100-year old Church anytime.

The predicted snow of last night was less than spectacular leaving less than one-inch to add to the snow of the previous storms. Still there is plenty of snow left to construct that snowman as visitors to the Polar Express will attest to.

Light snow and rain is forecast for Wednesday during the day raising to a 50% chance on Thursday to deliver up to two-inches of fresh powder. Friday follows with a slight chance of light snow before 11 a.m. clearing to give us a sunny Saturday with a chance of snow the following two days.

Visitors to the Polar Express are reminded that they should stop at one of the local stores to purchase gloves for their kids.


This is, also, the last week in which you can visit Bearizona Drive-Thru animal park during the weekdays. During January and February they will only be open on Saturday and Sunday during their normal hours of 8 a.m. with the last car being admitted at 4 p.m. They have a GPS system which gives you a personalized tour of the park. After driving through the main attraction you can relax and take a stroll among the animals and take in the Raptor Show in the walk-through area.


We experienced hunters don’t need the GPS, but it might be useful for you tourists