Georgia soldier in Afghanistan marries on Skype

WLTZ 38 | Columbus Georgia Regional News
(CNN)-A couple from Georgia did not let the thousands of miles separating them keep them from getting married. They used Skype to bridge the gap and tie the knot.

Jacqueline Durham spent her wedding day like most brides. From her bedazzled bride outfit, she got ready with her bridesmaids and took plenty of pictures.

“Say cheeeesee.”

And something not on a typical bride to be list, check her Internet connection.

Jacqueline would marry her Fort Gordon Soldier while he is still stationed overseas in Afghanistan- through skype! “He told me about it. And he’s like what do you think about that? Do you want to do that? And I was like, of course. Since we can’t be together, it’d make it special”

After two years of dating Trey, Jacqueline told me she couldn’t wait any longer.

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