Snow and Bureaucrats

Where else but Flagstaff would bureaucrats haul in snow ahead of a major snow storm to CLOSE roads? Unbelieveable! Aren’t you glad you don’t live there and pay taxes for this? Even though the article says it isn’t costing taxpayers anything, I’d challange that……THINK ABOUT IT. So now we have yellow snow to play in at the Snowbowl and truck loads of snow hauled in ahead of a major snow storm to close the streets in Flagstaff. Don’t you just love bureaucrats! KUDOS to Williams for offering some more sane options, get out next weekend and enjoy the Mountain Mushers.


“…., the city has brought in more than a dozen truckloads of artificial snow to transform two blocks of North San Francisco Street into a winter wonderland.

In all, the city has used nearly 400,000 gallons of potable water to make snow for the two-day event.”

Read it all at the AZ Daily Sun

Source: Williams TEA Party