7-year old boy suspended for deadly pastry

Fox News in Baltimore is reporting that a 7-year old in Maryland was suspended from school for a pastry. Not because he had the Obama-denounced snack food in school, but because he chewed the triangle-shaped pastry into the shape of a *gasp* gun.

It is presumed that the “assault pastry” was chewed into the form of a hand-gun. It is not clear whether it was a revolver or semi-automatic with a high-calorie magazine.

“Progressive” indoctrinated idiots such as this do tend to lend support to the opposition of the NRA plan of arming teachers in school to prevent school shootings.

One of the reporters correctly points out, “Baltimore has a crime problem. There’s actual crime in Baltimore. If you see that boy, and you consider that threatening, I suggest that you should not be in a position of leadership.”

Frank Borelli in an article for Officer.com wrote of the incident, “Again, I understand ‘zero tolerance’ toward the presence of weapons in schools but to date I’ve seen articles where children were suspended for having cut a piece of notebook paper into the shape of a gun, for having pointed their finger and said, ‘Bang!’, for having thrown an imaginary grenade on a playground and now… for eating their breakfast wrong.”

What this does appear to be is yet another incident of terrifying our children into a fear of weapons.