Guns and Ammo ranks Arizona number 1 gun-friendly State

Guns and Ammo examined States on what they consider five categories of gun friendliness. There were ten points awarded for each category. Arizona topped their list, though not with a perfect score.

Arizona got a 49 because while Arizona law allows open or concealed carry (with or without permit), when you get stopped you must inform the police officer or Sherrif’s Deputy that you are carrying concealed. This is really a non-issue to the legal Arizona citizens legally carrying.

It should be noted, too, that when you do inform the officer, he may ask you to surrender it for the duration of the stop. Most probably won’t except for Phoenix and Tuscon.

The top ten State from the bottom up are:

10. New Hampshire
9. Missouri
8. Kansas
7. Alabama
6. Wyoming
5. Kentucky
4. Utah
3. Alaska
2. Vermont
1. Arizona

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