Representative Engel wants to make you Facebook safe.

WASHINGTON—Representative Eliot Engel (D-NY-16) has submitted the Social Networking Online Protection Act to make your social network and e-mail accounts safe from prying eyes. At least, the eyes of your employer, potential employer or your school.

H.R. 537 would make it illegal for “employers and certain other entities” to demand that you provide passwords for them to access your private social network and email accounts. It would make it unlawful for employers or potential employers to discriminate against you, dismiss you or in anyway harass you for refusing to give this personal information.

The bill would add a section to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 which essentially provides the same limitations on educational facilities as to employers above.

The Department of Homeland Security and other alphabet agencies, of course, will still be able to employ face recognition software and spy techniques in their on-going effort to make us safe from persons who support the Constitution, veterans and those rabid Ron Paul fans.

The house is also considering H.R. 624—the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act—for just that purpose.