From the Bench: Justice Krombeen thanks Tusayan.

rob-krombeen(Grand Canyon Edition) by Justice of the Peace Robert Krombeen

Since entering into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Town of Tusayan just over a year ago, it has been our court’s privilege to partner with the Town to provide your court and judicial services. Now that the council has voted to enter into a longer-term IGA for the next five years, I want to reiterate our court’s commitment to your community.

During the past year, our staff has made administrative changes and improvements which have led to improved customer service in our court. Surveys conducted by the Coconino County Court Administration have shown our court to have amongst the highest ratings for customer service in the county. We are continually striving to find ways to improve the function and services of our court.

It has been my observation that our staff has worked exceptionally well with the Town Prosecutor and Public Defender to provide consistent, designated time on the court calendar to Tusayan customers who appear in our court. The relationship with the Town Prosecutor and Public Defender will only continue to improve, as we find creative ways to provide those services in an efficient manner to reduce drive time for those appearing. As has been demonstrated this past year, it has and will continue to be our court’s desire to be good neighbors to the Town as you develop your community into the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your judge. We look forward to providing services to your community for the next five years. Please contact the court at (928) 635-2691 if you have any questions about the IGA or the services provided.