Violence breaks out in the streets of Williams.

cowboys-20130523WILLIAMS—The Northern Arizona Gazette heard rumors of gunshots ringin’ out on Bill Williams street in downtown Williams Wednesday ’bout 7 in the eve. Of course that made us suspicious and we sent out our investigative reporter to find out what was goin’ on. He never returned, but we did find his Browning and extracted this photo confirming our fears. Those polecats of the Cataract Creek Gang have apparently returned from their winter hiatus in the Bahamas (Hey. They ain’t too bright, but they do got style!) to rob banks and argue over women.

Now you can’t ‘cuse these boys of being zactly a candle in the window. So we pretty much worked out where these polecats will be hanging out. If you want to give these boys a wide berth, remain clear of these areas at 7 p.m. through June.

‘Course we spect that you will ignore our warning and crowd around to see the show. None of us locals are brave ‘nough to file any reports to the Sheriff, so you folks is on yer own.