Hailey, Idaho holds rally in support of Sergent Bergdhal

flierHAILEY, IDAHO—During the Run for the Wall motorcycle rally, the east coast group Rolling Thunder highlighted the plight of Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl who was captured by insurgents in Afghanistan. This month, a local group in plan a Bring Bowie Back rally in his home State of Idaho.

Sergeant Bergdahl was taken captive on June 30, 2009 as a private and promoted in abstentia. The administration has made attempts to rescue him, but all have failed. He is currently the only known, living prisoner of war.

Stefanie O’Neill, one of the organizers of the event, said that the event started as a tree dedication in a local park, “… but as people heard about the event, it started growing at a rapid rate and has evolved into a full blown rally with both locals and supporters from across the County attending. This will be largest rally for Bowe every held. I am completely overwhelmed by the support pouring in from around the Country for this event.”

Hailey Chief of Police Jeff M. Gunter will escort the rally to the capitol city of Boise

Hailey Chief of Police Jeff M. Gunter will escort the rally to the capitol city of Boise

This is the first year of the event, “…started as an effort to show the Bergdahl Family that their hometown and surrounding communities in the Wood River Valley have not forgotten Bowe,” Stefanie said.

Debbie O’Neill explained that 500 motorcycles are expected to meet in Jerome, Idaho at the Flying J. Hailey Police Chief Jeff Gunter will escort the rally participants 50 miles to Bellevue where they will meet with another motorcycle group from Boise. Chief Gunter will escort the entire group to the event in Boise scheduled for the 22nd of June.

While the event is centered in Idaho, any riders from any State are welcome to attend the event.

The event is supported by the POW Network, the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Group and smaller motorcycle and military groups from the Northwest. The Northeast, Pocatello and Boise Chapters of the POW/MIA organization from Idaho will be attending. In addition, the Elko Nevada POW/MIA Organization are supporting the event. More will probably be added by the date of the event.

If you wish to learn more about the event, you visit the web site for more information.

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