Another daredevil to attempt Grand Canyon crossing.

GRAND CANYON—On June 23rd, 34-year-old tight rope walker Nik Wallenda will attempt an 8th world record by crossing the Grand Canyon. His last record was crossing Niagra Falls.

A poll by Niagara Bullet News asks readers if they will watch the Grand Canyon attempt. As of this writing 53.6% said they wouldn’t miss it, 36% said they were not interested with the rest not sure what they will be doing June 23rd.

Nik Wallenda was born in Sarasota, Florida as a seventh-generation member of the famous Flying Wallenda family. His parents are Delilah Wallenda and Terry Troffer.

Wallenda credits God for his success, saying that what he does on the high-wire is a gift from God. He grew up in a “a Bible-believing, God-fearing family” and describes himself as a “born-again Christian”. Faith is “the most important part of my life,” he says. Before every wire walk, he joins his family in prayer and he always wears a cross as he performs. He remarks, “The Bible says pray without ceasing and I’m always praying.”