Seventy Three Year-Old Parks AZ Man Shot in Chest

Parks—Coconino County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating a shooting in Parks on Sunday. The incident appears to be a case of domestic violence between a seventy-three year old man and his twenty-nine year old wife.

The man was shot in the chest in the community between Williams and Bellemont. The man was treated at the scene by Guardian medical personnel and transported to Flagstaff where he is currently listed in critical condition. Detectives have yet to interview the man because of his condition.

According to the female, she and her husband spent a significant time on Sunday at a bar located close to their neighborhood. According to the female, both of them consumed a significant amount of alcohol during the course of the day. She reported that upon their return home they began to argue with each other and her husband elected to leave the residence and spend the night in his jeep that was parked outside.

She said that at some point during the evening, her husband reentered the residence and the two began to argue once again. According to the female, her husband placed his hands around her neck and began to choke her. At some point during this altercation the male was shot once in the chest with a 22 caliber hand gun.

Detectives are continuing this investigation in an attempt to determine who produced the weapon and who was holding the weapon at the time of the shooting. No arrests have been made at this point. The Sheriff’s Office is withholding the names of the two involved individuals pending further investigation.