From the Bench: Williams Justice Court Employee spotlight

krombeem-20130412 009Ruth Alvarado has worked with us at the Williams Justice Court for over seven years now. Ruth is a Justice Court Specialist and her areas of responsibility include the criminal case load for the justice and municipal courts, plus a handful of other tasks as well. Ruth is the clerk who works behind the scenes and in the courtroom to ensure our criminal cases and all motions and activities associated with those cases are properly calendared and scheduled to the Court’s required timelines. That is no easy task considering we typically have over 400 criminal cases a year in both courts and scheduling those cases involves a lot of correspondence with the attorneys and parties involved. Ruth has attended the Coconino County Supervisor Academy so she regularly helps out with managing the court when Court Manager Jennifer Carter is absent. Ruth’s bi-lingual skills come in handy with our court’s Spanish speaking customers. We are thankful Ruth is able to provide those and all the other services she offers our court and customers. We are also very thankful that Ruth and her husband Pascual, along with their one and a half year old son Zuri, have decided and continued to make Williams their home.

Speaking of employees, Williams Justice Court Specialist Carla Dent was recently promoted from Administrative Specialist to Justice Court Specialist. This promotion was the result of the selection process to replace Bonnie Herbert, who is retiring later this month. We are saddened to see Bonnie retire but are excited to see Carla promoted into this position. Carla’s new responsibilities will include being responsible for the Justice Court’s Civil case load and the financial responsibilities and reports for both courts. Please join us in congratulating Carla for her promotion!

The Williams Justice and City Courts have consolidated their phone lines to improve customer service and reduce operational costs. The new number is (928) 679-7698 and the new FAX line is (928) 679-7688.

Both courts will be closed on October 25th, 2013, for our annual staff retreat. The retreat is an opportunity we look forward to for our staff to discuss plans for the future, ideas, and changes relevant to the administration of our courts. Information and instructions will be available and posted at the court for customers appearing for emergency orders and any other critical services that are needed that day.