WWII memorial barricaded again

WASHINGTON DC—Less than twenty-four hours after the Million Veterans March in Washington tore down barricades blocking the World War II Memorial, the cash-strapped administration that cannot afford to keep them open found the money to have the barricades put back in place.

The veterans, which did not number a million, tore down the barricades and carried them past the White House.

The World War II Memorial was built with the help of public service announcements by actor Tom Hanks. Hanks played the role of Captain Miller in the hugely successful World War II film Saving Private Ryan. The advertisements appeared around the time of the 1998 film.

In an interview on YouTube, Hanks applauded the efforts of the veterans who re-opened the memorial if only for the weekend. At an event for his new film, Captain Phillips, Hanks said, “Good for the veterans. Good. Go see it. We should all have access to them all the time. Sorry that they didn’t have it.”

He joked, “Did they assault it with helicopters? Landing craft? Did they bust through in a jeep? How did they do it?”

Sadly the administration could find the money to re-barricade the memorial after veterans left.