Williams Rotary Club Harvest Auction drawing near.

WILLIAMS—The Williams Rotary club is currently selling tickets for the drawing to be held during their Harvest Auction event on November 2. The auction will be held at Miss Kitty’s Steakhouse at the Mountainside Inn at 642 Route 66 in Williams on the east end of town.

The auction starts at 5 pm with musical entertainment followed by a catered dinner, the auction and a costume contest. Tickets for the auction are $35 per person. The evening will finish with a drawing for cash prizes.

The tickets for the drawing are $20 each and only 1000 are to be sold. While the ticket for the top prize of $5000 has been sold to this author, there are still prizes for $3000, $1000 and ten prizes of $100. The rules for the raffle can be found at the Williams Rotary Club web site. Tickets can be obtained through a Rotary Member.

The Williams Rotary Club meets Thursdays at 12 p.m. at Doc Holliday’s Steakhouse & Saloon at 950 North Grand Canyon Boulevard in Williams. For more information contact Brian Prager at 928-607-4661.