Kenny’s Story- The Formerly Paralyzed Doberman

In April of 2013, Two Hands Four Paws founder Leslie Gallagher received a call from Doberman Rescue regarding a paralyzed Doberman named Kenny. Kenny had suffered a traumatic event to his neck, possibly due to a kennel gate being dropped on him. He was rendered paralyzed in all four legs, completely unable to move. Due to the potential costs of a proper diagnosis and restorative surgery, euthanasia was proposed. Lisa contacted Leslie for advice. Leslie subsequently offered to take Ken in and try to work her magic one more time. The odds were not in her favor.

The staff at Two Hands Four Paws worked diligently for a month to get some functionality back into Ken’s legs. They were met with minimal success. Kenny had to be carried everywhere, he was unable to urinate on his own, and he was in terrible pain. At the end of the first month he developed cancerous tumors that needed to be removed. While recovering from surgery Kenny developed pneumonia which landed him back in the hospital. It was a low point. After spending several days under the watchful eyes of hospital staff, Kenny recovered and came home.

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