Bearizona announces the grand opening of Canyonlands Restaurant

WILLIAMS – Bearizona has opened its much anticipated 6,000-square-foot restaurant, Canyonlands. This themed restaurant features soaring canyon walls and ancient ruins that allow diners to immerse themselves in the true spirit of the Southwest. The expansive two-story covered deck includes priceless views of the park’s spectacular jaguar exhibit, which features a 25 foot waterfall.

Canyonlands Restaurant will open its doors at 10:30 a.m. and will close 2 hours after the park’s posted closing time. This restaurant is only accessible to park guests and annual pass holders.
Bearizona is a wildlife park which invites guests to experience a scenic three-mile drive in their own vehicle, witnessing North American animals in their natural environment. In Fort Bearizona, visitors can leisurely stroll along winding walkways through the forest for an up-close view of even more animal antics. Finally, guests are encouraged to catch the complimentary Birds of Prey free flight show, where they will come face to face with hawks, owls and other raptors.

3 thoughts on “Bearizona announces the grand opening of Canyonlands Restaurant

  1. It would be wonderful if they would let locals just eat there without having to do the drive thru over and over, especially at what is being charged. We have been thru the park many times and not much has changed really. I think they are missing out on added revenue by only allowing you to eat there if you pay for park entrance. Give the locals a choice. Let everyone eat in the restaurant and hand stamp those who drive thru the park. Make a way for everyone to enjoy the restaurant. Perhaps a parking area just for the restaurant? Exits to the park could require a hand stamp or ticket stub? Locals would love a break once in a while, after all, we are here all year…

  2. Luckily Bearizona gives locals a significant discount by offering a carload annual pass for only $175. This allows an entire carload in the park for 12 months. Most of the locals who take advantage of this program appreciate this offer and get their per person entrance fee down to a few dollars per visit.

    Setting up some complex system of employees, hand stamps, and parking would not work very well. The restaurant is located in the most popular area of the park and immediately adjacent to one of the most interesting exhibits, the jaguar. Bearizona is not really in the food business after all, so this system makes perfect sense and is in line with pretty much every major attraction in the country.

  3. I believe there is also a pass for individuals. The pass allows you into all events such as the Winter Wonderland show and some events for pass holders only as I understand it.

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