Increased Smoke Production Expected While Crews Make Progress on the Boundary Fire

WILLIAMS – Yesterday, aerial ignitions in conjunction with helicopters dropping water to moderate fire intensity of the 6278-acre Kendrick fire around the historic cabin and Kendrick lookout tower. Hand ignitions are planned around private property in the coming days once fire has reached a predetermined location in efforts to protect property and values at risk.

Fire will continue to work its way through timber stands consuming dead and down fuels along the forest floor minimizing impacts to tree canopies. Increased smoke production may occur over the next few days and poor ventilation predicted in the forecast may result in lingering smoke around the communities of Flagstaff, Kendrick Park, Whitehorse Hills, Timberline, Bellemont, Baderville, Cameron, and Tuba City. Firefighter and public safety and ecosystem health remain the top priority for fire managers while keeping the fire within the planning area.

An amateur radio operator reported that at the Flagstaff meeting last night, the Forest Service officials said they will investigate the possibility of smaller burns to reduce smoke.

The Kaibab Forest officials would like to remind people NOT to fly drones in the area of fires. Pilots only know if there is a drone in the area if they spot it. If they don’t, an impact can damage a helicopter. If the pilot spots a drone, the only thing they can do is land and wait. Please use drones responsibly.

One thought on “Increased Smoke Production Expected While Crews Make Progress on the Boundary Fire

  1. Some critical thinking questions need to be asked about this “wildfire”! If it’s a indirect attack managed wildfire, how come virtually 100% of it has had to be generated by direct ignition tactics????? The fire won’t burn on it’s own eh, it has to be manipulated to burn??? The FS is already in court under law suit for misleading wildfire labels attached to burns. Something’s fishy about this one folks…think about it.

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