Search for suspect in Forest Lakes shooting continues

A multi-agency law enforcement team continues to look for the suspect in yesterday’s shooting incident in Forest Lakes, Arizona. Ground and air teams searched the area during the night and early morning in an effort to locate the suspect. Search efforts will continue today in both the forested area as well as through patrols of neighborhoods, businesses, and roadways. There are approximately 45 officers from multiple agencies on scene assisting.

The shooting incident yesterday occurred near Canyon Point Campground located on Hwy 260 milepost 287 approximately 19 miles west of Heber, Arizona, 4.5 miles east of the Rim Visitor Center. The campground remains closed at this time.

The public is reminded to continue to be aware of the situation and to stay out of the area if possible. Please do not pick up hitch hikers and immediately report any suspicious person or activity to law enforcement. Anyone with information about the incident or the suspect is urged to call law enforcement.

One thought on “Search for suspect in Forest Lakes shooting continues

  1. “Stay out of the area”???? Seriously? Given 2 days this guy could be in Sedona by now. Can you say Danny Ray Horning????

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