Bearizona remains open

ZBearizona160113-01WILLIAMS — For over five-years Bearizona has entertained thousands of kids and adults. We visited the very first year when they allowed residents in free for a period of time. It was impressive, but not spectacular.
Over the years we have watched Bearizona grow. They have built an expansive gift shop with a fantastic diorama and separate room for close up introduction to animals and other activities. For Christmas, this year, they introduced the Wild Wonderland. This amazing light and music display I found as impressive as the Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo. We got to see both.
This year—despite the most snow Williams has seen in some time—Bearizona even managed to stay open to the public. The snow even makes the animal displays more impressive just like the snow did for the Wild Wonderland display.

During the summer the animals tend to sleep during the heat of the day. With the cold weather, they are more active throughout the day. Especially the wolves and the bears. The same for the animals in the walk-through area. The otters are out and the bear cubs are playing in the snow.
If you plan to come to Williams, you should plan to visit Bearizona and the Grand Canyon Deer Farm petting zoo. For about the same price as the entrance to the Grand Canyon, you can get up close and personal with various animals of north America. If you are on a planned tour to Williams, you should urge the driver to visit these Williams attractions.

Get out of town: Explore Route 66

UPDATED 7/29 4:02 Thanks to Linda Messimer for the correction on Davenport Lake.

WILLIAMS— Williams has the distinction of being the last route 66 town bypassed by interstate 40. The mural on the wall by Circle K is a tribute to that. So while you are here you might want to stay an extra day in Williams to explore the Mother Road.

"On Arizona Highway 87, south of Chandler. Maricopa County, Arizona." by Dorothea Lange - U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

“On Arizona Highway 87, south of Chandler. Maricopa County, Arizona.” by Dorothea Lange – U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Route 66 gained the name of the Mother Road because of its significance to history. During the depression when tragedy struck the Great Plains—in what was called the great Dust Bowl—thousands took to Route 66 to travel west in search of a better life. This was depicted in the book and movie The Grapes of Wrath.

Route 66 was instrumental in winning World War I and World War II. Old-timers told me of the days when they would watch convoys of men and material moving down Route 66 to be shipped off to war. Most people don’t realize that Interstate 40, and all other freeways for that matter, were started by President Eisenhower who brought the idea back from the German autobahn.

Route 66 has seen a resurgence of interest since it was decomissioned. Williams and Flagstaff have a significant amount of Route 66 still available for travel. The stretch we will examine in this article is from Bellmont to Williams.

Of course it goes down to Ash Fork which is another significant Route 66 town, as well as a railroad center in the old west. Ash Fork history can be seen at the Route 66 Museum in Ash Fork on, well… Route 66.
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Wild West Weekend next weekend


Williams Summer Recreation program begins tomorrow

WILLIAMS — The Williams Summer Recreation program begins tomorrow. Please drive with care around the area of the Recreation Center and Circle-K on Railroad Avenue. Let’s make this another successful event with no injuries.

Williams Kite Festival rescheduled for this weekend

kite-03WILLIAMS — The Williams spring Kite Festival was originally scheduled for earlier this month, but was called because of weather. The event has been rescheduled for Saturday, the 30th at Cureton Park on Grand Canyon Boulevard in Williams. The event features games, free food and kites and begins at 10 a.m.

Kite festival Saturday

WILLIAMS — The annual Kite Festival will be held on April 25, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Cureton Park. Free food and kites will be available as well as the bounce house and other games.

One more problem with those electric cars

It has recently been revealed that hybrid cars may not save you any money. Studies indicate that, when you factor in the price of the car and maintenance, it might take you decades to see any significant return. Even if gasoline prices were to reach $5 a gallon.

There is another problem which this surveillance video from December 30 shows. You might go so long between fillings that you forget where the gas cap is.

NOTE: I am aware that this is probably not a hybrid car. This is satire.

This video could save your life

This video published earlier this year is of a girl named Charlotte who befriended a rescue basset hound named Zoe. If it doesn’t make you smile, you should probably immediately seek medical attention to check for a pulse.

Brown’s Amusements returns for Fall

Brown's Amusement set up for Fall Carnival

Brown’s Amusement set up for Fall Carnival

WILLIAMS – Brown’s Amusements has returned to Williams and will open tomorrow and Friday from 5 pm to 11 pm. They will be open Saturday from 1 pm to 11 pm.

The annual Fall Carnival will feature the Zero Gravity, the Sizzler, Carousel, Tilt-a-Whirl, the Himalaya, a Kiddie land for the tots, and more!

The Carnival is located at Glassburn Park across from Wild West Junction. You can call the Williams Recreation Center 928-635-1496 or the Williams and Forest Service Visitors Center 800-863-0546 for more information.

Visit for information on other events.

LATE BREAKING NEWS! Cataract Creek Gang spotted.

Go 'head, Marshal.  Kick o'er my sodie water. I Dars ya!

Go ‘head, Marshal. Kick o’er my sodie water. I Dars ya!

Marshall John B. Goode of Williams has received a telegraph and asked media outlets in Williams to extend this warning.

From: U.S. Marshall, Richmond, Virginia
Five or six polecats identified tentatively as the Cataract Creek gang were arrested Tuesday last…STOP…Were turned over as stowaways on a boat from Bahamas…STOP…Nice tans…STOP…Broke jail and took a stage…STOP…They did not book passage on the stage, they just took it!…STOP…If you are laughing…STOP…They are presumed to be heading your area…STOP…them.

According to the date of this telegraph (for y’all city folks, that is what we call emails), the time of travel and if the wind is agin’ ’em or for ’em, the Cataract Creek Gang could be here toward the end of May, or so.

It ain’t likely they’ll put out a schedule or anything.