Open Primaries will not make the ballot in November

UPDATE: This article should have stated that the Open Primaries legislation MAY not make the ballot in November. The ruling in this article is a Superior Court ruling and the backers of the Open Primary initiative could take it to the Arizona Supreme Court and obtain a ruling in their favor.

Save Our Vote Arizona has announced that the Arizona Superior Court has ruled against the organizers of the Open Primaries initiative.

The Open Primary system would have put all candidates, basically, on one primary ballot with everyone being able
to vote with only the top two being on the ballot in November. That would mean, perhaps, two Democrats or two Republicans as a choice for the major offices.

The primary system started about the administration of Andrew Jackson and has been used to select the required number of candidates from the major parties to run for offices. The Open Primary system virtually eliminates the chances of parties such as the Green Party and the Libertarian Party from having candidates on the ballot.

In Arizona, Independent and Non-Partisan voter can go to their normal polling place for the primaries on August 28th and ask for the ballot of a major party and vote.

You can download the decision here: PDF