Governor Ducey vetoes justice of peace residency bill

williams-justice-courtPHOENIX — On Tuesday, Governor Doug Ducey vetoed H.B. 2592 which would have required a candidate for Justice of the Peace to be a resident of the precinct they are to represent at the time they file papers and would have to have been a resident for one-year at the time of the general election date.

The exception would have been a justice of the peace who had been appointed. A.R.S. § 16-230 allows the governor to fill vacancies in the Justice of the Peace office with a person of the same party.

The Governor stated in his veto letter:

I do not believe it is appropriate to create a separate residency standard for one specific elected office.

The Governor also vetoed S.B. 1171 concerning filing of late campaign reports. The bill would have required that the specific amount of daily late penalties and how and when daily late penalties start and stop accruing be added to notices sent to campaigns who file late campaign reports.

Governor Ducey said in his veto letter that this matter could be handled administratively in the office of the Secretary of State.

According to current law, all penalties for late filing must be paid prior to filing the late report.

The 12 Days of Williams: August 2014

Williams started August with rain and hail so heavy that it caused traffic to slow to the speed limit.

The weather caused some beautiful displays in Williams.

Congressional Democrats were so busy complaining about obstruction by the Republicans that they forgot to pass over 350 bills which languished on the desk of Harry Reid. Steve Stockman of Texas introduced a bill to address the border crisis. Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas submitted her own proposal. This probably helped Independent voter registration to rise in Arizona.

The Panama Canal saw its 100th anniversary.

Senate Web Site photo

Senate Web Site photo

Deputy County Attorney Ammon Barker received Prosecutor of the Year Award.

Arizona State Senator Chester Crandell passed away in August. Former State Senator Sylvia Allen was chosen to replace him on the ballot in November.

Using sophisticated statistical analysis, the Northern Arizona Gazette predicted the outcome of the city council race in Williams. Primary 2014 had few surprises.

Cool Country Cruise-In returned to Williams. (See Also)

Friends of the Williams Aquatic Center held a pool party.
The annual Thunder Over Coconino event was held in Valle.

A 38-year-old male was arrested for trespassing on a houseboat on Lake Powell and apparently holding a party. A man turned himself in for sexual misconduct with a minor. A Flagstaff man was arrested for sexual assault.

Coconino County Sheriff Photo

Coconino County Sheriff Photo

Coconino County Deputies were called to investigate a man struck by lightning and participated in an armed intruder response exercise.

The Coconino County Sheriff and Flagstaff Police warned against phone scams.

A serious accident occurred on I-40 near Bellemont.


Williams held its annual Labor Day weekend celebration.

Arizona State Senator Chester Crandell

Yavapai election results

Arizona-electsHere is an unofficial list of the voting for Yavapai County based on the reported results. Results must still be canvassed to be final. Offices and Propositions decided on a higher level are excluded. Offices with only one candidate are excluded because, quite frankly, if you cannot figure that out, we do not want you wasting our bandwidth.


City of Sedona Council Member
Scott Jablow 1,324 (634 Coconino votes)
Rio Robson 690 (293 Coconino votes)
Write-in 26

Constable Bagdad/Yarnell
Dennis Dowling 1,185
Jim Armstrong 553
Write-in 5

Justice of the Peace Seligman
Dominick Sarno (IND) 277
Wade Simon 211
Marcus Jacobson 145
Write-in 0

Camp Verde USD #28
Kitty McDowell 1,447
Tim Roth 1,277
Mick Marton 1,041
Write-in 22

Clarkdale-Jerome ESD #3
Laurie Lozano 616
Becky O’Banion 555
Dale Williams 497
Robert Szmanda 391
Write-in 7

Prescott USD #1
Maureen Erickson 10,350
Greg Mangarelli 8,139
John Lamerson 7,198
David Stringer 5,624
Write-in 75

Yavapai College District 2
Deb McCasland 4,816
Herald Harrington 3,331
Write-in 37

Yavapai College District 5
Dale Fitzner 2,312
Steve Irwin 5,006
Write-in 37

Black Canyon Fire District
Daniel R. Brett 359
Jim Speer 356
Sharon McMahon 326
Write-in 9

Mayer Fire District
Paul F. Coe 686
Jack Williamson 675
Russ I Dodge 637
Chuck R. Leon 589
Bill G. Slankard 474
Write-in 24

Red Tock Road EMD
Ruth E. Kane 1,142
Paul Gazda 1,083
Steven L. Fiedler 834
Write-in 8

American Ranch DWID
Monte L. Anderson 38
Jason J. Gisi 35
Charles Dickson 29

Mayer DWID
Bob Kaufman 186
James W. Sherwood 175
Kathryn L. King 168
Frank C. Soto 158
Write-in 3


Proposition 431

Proposition 432
YES 1,589
NO 1,472

Yavapai County Jail District
NO 34,386
YES 31,692

Proposition 433
YES 1,429
NO 973

Cottonwood-Oak Creek ESD Question

Mingus Union HSD Question

The vote on local issues

Arizona-electsHere is an unofficial list of the voting for Coconino County based on the reported results. Results must still be canvassed to be final. Offices and Propositions decided on a higher level are excluded. Offices with only one candidate are excluded because, quite frankly, if you cannot figure that out, we do not want you wasting our bandwidth.


Judge of the Superior Court Division 1
Jacquelin Hatch 13,876
Brent D. Harris 9,770
Write-in 72

Mayor City of Flagstaff
Jerry Nabours 6645
Jamse Hasapis 4905
Write-in 30

Council Member City of Flagstaff
Celia Barotz 6,425
Eva Putzova 5,455
Scott Overton 5,359
Charlie Odegaard 5,229
Jim McCarthy 4,814
Mark Woodson 4,313
Write-in 84

Council Member City of Sedona
Scott Jablow 634
Rio Robson 293
Write-in 9

Blue Ridge Fire District Board Member
James Denham 101
Alma Seward 101
Linda Hammer 79
C.E. Buddle 74
Tammy Rosenhagen 71
Rosemary Jaeger 39
Jerry Smith 97
Write-in 1

Tusayan Sanitary District Board Member
Robb Baldosky 30
Tober Evans 46
Yvonne Trujillo 44
Write-in 1

Coconino Community College District 1 Board Member
Nathaniel White 2960
John R. McDonald 1447
Write-in 20

Page USD Board Member
Robert Candelaria 1770
Delores McKerry 1328
Carol Addy 1332
Write-in 32

Tuba City Unified School DIstrict Board Member
Mary Worker 1760
Lee Tsinigine 1661
Roland H. Bennett 1237
Priscilla Kanaswood 861
Write-in 20

Williams Unified School District Board Member
Michael Fleishman 721
Ann Wells 670
Alyssa Dennison 329
Glenna Christiansen 313
Write-in 11


Proposition 403 Coconino County
YES 18,567
NO 10,573

Proposition 406 – Flagstaff
YES 7,628
NO 4,555

Flagstaff USD Question
YES 11,191
NO 7,077

Tuba City USD Question 1
YES 2,188
NO 1,085

Tuba City USD Question 2
YES 2,057
NO 1,215

Proposition 407 Town of Tusayan
YES 51
NO 26

Cory Gardner unseats Udall in Colorado

300cory-gardnerCOLORADO – While you may have heard that the Republicans have taken the Senate, you may not have heard that one of the seats was taken in Colorado. In a surprising victory, Republican Cory Gardner of Colorado upset incumbent Democrat Mark Udall with almost 4% of the vote.

John Hickenlooper retained the office of governor by 1.36%

Preliminary election results

Arizona-electsWith 49 precincts yet to report, as of about 8:30 this morning, it appears the results look good for Republicans across the board. Statewide the Republican hold a firm margin in the Arizona legislature with 17 Republican Senate seats over 13 Democrats. The Republicans hold 39 House seats to 21 filled by Democrats.

Ann Kirkpatrick retained her House seat with 53.11% to 46.59% for Andy Tobin. The seat for the House of Representatives for District 2 may still be in question with Rep Martha McSally holding a .02% lead with 145 of 194 precincts reporting over Democrat Ron Barber.

Districts 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 remain the same with Grijalva (D), Gosar (R), Salmon (R), Salmon, Schweikert, Trent and Sinema (D), respectively, retaining their seats. Ruben Gallego (D) was declared winner of District 7 early in the counting by taking an overwhelming margin.

Doug Ducey was declared the winner of the gubernatorial race just before 9 p.m. last night. He took 53.83% of the vote over 41.32% for Democrat Fred Duval, so far.

The race for Secretary of State is still tight, but Republican Michele Reagan holds about a 5% lead over Terry Goddard.

With 53.29%, Mark Brnovich will probably defeat Felecia Rotellini for the office of Attorney General.

Republican Diane Douglas holds a marginal 3% lead in the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction with 51.11% to 48.84% for David Garcia. This fight became over Common Core Curriculum with Douglas saying that she wants it out of schools while Garcia stated that Arizonans are too stupid to understand what it is about.

Republicans Tom Forese and Doug Little maintained about 8% over their Democratic rivals with Sandra Kennedy receiving 21.42% and Jim Holoway receiving 20.89%. Forese and Little received almost 29% each.

Sylvia Allen, who ran for Senator in place of the late Chester Crandell, took the District 6 Senate seat. This morning Allen has 51.48% with O’Halleran taking 48.32%. Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe retained their House seats.

We might have misspoke last night. The Coconino County sight had O’Halleran ahead, but the Statewide site might have had Allen ahead. Coconino, of course, votes Democrat.

Proposition 122, the State Rights initiative, is still passing with 49 precincts yet to report. So far it has 51.3% in favor with 48.7% opposed. Proposition 303 passed overwhelmingly allowing terminally ill patients to try experimental drugs. Why this was even a question is unknown. What is known is that the legislators elected will have to tighten their belts because they will not get a pay raise with the failure of Proposition 304.

In local battles, Democrat Howard Grodman soundly defeated his Libertarian rival Kevin Morrow for Justice of the Peace in Flagstaff. Judge of the Superior Court for Division 1 went to Jacqueline Hatch.

Nathaniel White was elected at Coconino Community College District 1 Board Member.

Ann Wells and Michael Fleishman were elected to the Williams School Board.

Jerry Nabours was re-elected as Mayor of Flagstaff

In Coconino County, all local propositions raising taxes passed.

In tight races Jeff Dewit State Treasurer may take the office of State Treasurer with 99.15% and Joe Hart State Mine Inspector 99.28%.

These results were based on the Arizona Secretary of State election results web site and may change. Upon completion of the counting, the results are not final until canvassed by the office of the Arizona Secretary of State.

Doug Ducey declared the winner in the race for governor

Arizona-electsPHOENIX – As of 8:44 Doug Ducey was declared the winner for the race for governor of the Great State of Arizona. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton blamed “the dark money” pouring into the State. He probably did not mind the nameless, faceless ads run against Ducey by Soros-funded organizations.

Ruben Gallego who beat out Mary Willcox in the primary, was the first race to be called in favor of the Democrat.

Generally across the board Republicans are doing well. In addition to the governors race, they may take the Secretary of State race with Michelle Reagan just over Terry Goddarad and the Office of Attorney General with Mark Brnovice over Democrat Felecia Rotollini.

Across the Federal offices most of the incumbents are winning. The rough race in District 9 looks like it will go to Kyrsten Sinema against Wendy Rogers. Currently it appears that Ann Kirkpatrick could take her race, but there are many precincts to report.

Tom Forese and Doug Little are running 7-percent over Democrat Sandra Kennedy.

The only blight on the night, so far, is Sylvia Allen is running behind Republican turned Independent so he could vote Democrat without the label Tom O’Halleran. Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe are ahead by about 4-percent over Democrat challenger Lanny Morrison. This is with 38 of 89 districts reporting.

All of the elected State legislators will go in without a pay raise as Proposition 304 is being soundly defeated. Proposition 122 which would retain Tenth Amendment power in the Great State of Arizona is very close 50.67% to 49.33%. Terminally ill patients will likely have the opportunity to opt to take experimental drugs as Proposition 303 is being overwhelmingly approved 78.96% to 21.04%.

In Coconino, the sales tax referendum 403 is overwhelmingly passing.

These are based on unofficial results as the votes will have to be canvassed upon completion of the counting. Some of the races, such as the Secretary of State and Superintendent of Public Schools, currently led by Diane Douglas.

Businesses Prohibited from Rewarding Voters

PHOENIX – While the nation’s early politicians offered booze to entice voters, the practice of rewarding people for voting has been forbidden since the days when George Washington won election to the Virginia House of Burgesses with the help of alcohol.

Now, 256 years later, Arizona’s Secretary of State and Attorney General are reminding businesses it is illegal to offer anything of value to someone who has indicated he or she voted in an election.

“While we never want to discourage anyone from voting, it’s important to remind businesses to avoid rewarding people for performing their civic duty,” said Secretary Bennett. “Offering free coffee, hot dogs or anything else is prohibited and they could be found guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.”

“Our office fielded several calls last election cycle asking if businesses were allowed to ‘reward’ people who had ‘I Voted’ stickers by giving them something such as a free cup of coffee,” said Attorney General Tom Horne. “Although a gesture like that is not tied to voting for a particular candidate or ballot measure, it’s still against Arizona law.”

For the record, George Washington lost his first campaign to a candidate who provided “beer, whiskey, rum punch, and wine” in 1755. According to the book, Founding Spirits: George Washington and the Beginnings of the American Whiskey Industry, our first President subsequently utilized the same strategy and was elected with more than eight times the votes. Cheers to our founding fathers!

Fred Duvall: No partental consent for abortion

duvallFred Duvall, Speaking at the Redemption Church in Gilbert, stated that he is against parental consent for abortion. He stated that he was against consent because it gives the reproductive right to the parent instead of the “expectant mother.” Even for a child as young as 14-years-old.

Source: Daily Caller