Obama amnesty runs into a road block in Arizona — Governor Brewer

PHOENIX—Once again Governor Jan Brewer is shaking a finger at the Obama administration. Governor Brewer signed an executive order enforcing Arizona law preventing illegal aliens from receiving government benefits and driver’s licenses.

The blanket amnesty by the decree of the current administration bypasses Congress and violates the separation of powers and the Constitution of the United States.

Executive order 2012-06 states, “The issuance of Deferred Action or Deferred Action USCIS employment authorization documents to unlawfully present aliens does not confer upon them any lawful or authorize status and does not entitle them to any additional public benefit.”

Title 8, Section 1622, according the the EO, authorizes States to determine the eligibility of government benefits to various class of aliens residing in the State. Section 1621 of that Title provides that aliens unlawfully in the United States are not eligible for and State or local public benefit.

This “Deferred Action” program does not give illegals legal status.

The EO cites Arizona Revised Statute 1-501 and 1-502 limiting public benefits to legal residents of the State of Arizona and 283153 prohibiting the Arizona Department of Transportation from issuing driver’s licenses or identifications to persons unless they can demonstrate a lawful presence in the U.S.

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2 thoughts on “Obama amnesty runs into a road block in Arizona — Governor Brewer

  1. I agree with Jan Brewer, I live in Tucson and it is very difficulty for a non Spanish speaker to obtain a job. Why should we be giving them all of the things we have? I have been alive for 63 years and have worked hard all my life, now that I am looking for part time work I can’t find anything because I don’t speak SPANISH!!!!!

    • Apparently John Adams had the same problem.
      John Adams, Former President, founding father
      (Referring to applicants for public office)
      “Among the number of applications…, cannot we find an American capable and worthy of the trust? …Why should we take the bread out of the mouths of our own children and give it to strangers?” (Letter to Sec. State John Marshall, Aug. 14, 1800)

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