Virginia bakery refuses service to Joe Biden

VIRGINIA—A family-owned business in Virgina known as Crumb and Get it politely refused the Secret Service invitation to stop in their bakery for a photo op.

The business owned by Radison Virginia resident Chris MacMurray referred to the “You didn’t build that” comments of Barrack Obama.

“Very simply,” he said in a news interview, “you didn’t build that speaking of small businesses and entrepreneurs all across the country. And, actually, last night, my wife was up all night long—did not sleep. She’s worked a full twenty-four hours.”

Biden went to the River City Grill instead. Some of the customers of Crumb and Get It were disappointed that they did not get to see the Vice-President.

The Obama statement has caused signs like this to spring up across the country.

One blog complains that this business owner is allowing the statement by Obama to be his voice of reason. The socialist web site refers to it as Romney’s “false campaign ad.”

Obama recently said successful business owners “…didn’t build that” in a recent speech which set off a fire storm of anger. During his first campaign tour he informed Joe the Plumber that he wouldn’t build that.

Secret Service agents returned to the bakery to thank MacMurray for saying no and purchased cookies and cupcakes for themselves.

(According to President Obama, Al Gore did not build the Internet)