Primary Election results

FLAGSTAFF—While the RNC was battling over rules 12, 15, candidates were vying for political positions in Coconino County. There are still two precincts to report as of this writing, but the results are not likely to change much.

In Coconino County, Republicans selected Jeff Flake over closest rival Wil Cardon to represent them against the only Democrat challenger Richard Carmona. The votes were 3,937 to 1,118. Choices statewide were pretty much as expected. Jeff Flake is the choice to face Richard Carmona in November.

Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick is favored to face Republican Jonathan Paton for Representative for District 1; both drawing overwhelming support.

Incumbent Chester Crandell will face Democratic challenger Tom Chabin for State Senator for District 6. They were the only candidates for their respective parties.

For District 7, Jack C. Jackson was the only Democrat listed and there were 93 write in votes for a Republican candidate which is not enough to get the name on the ballot in November.

For State Representatives, District 6 selected Democrats Doug Ballard and Angela Lefevre to face Republicans Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe.

Democrats Albert Hale, Jamescita Peshlakai and Phil Stago were the only candidates running for State Representative for District 7. Phil Stago appears to have been edged out of the running.

The big battle over a choice for Judge for District V court appears to be settled. Justice of the Peace Cathleen Nichols forced out Joe Lodge who gave up his bid to run as a Libertarian and then a write in. Republican Gary Robbins stepped in as a write in candidate. 1,162 votes were cast and if all went for the official write in candidate, Gary Robbins’ name will appear on the November ballot facing Cathleen Nichols.
Sheriff Bill Pribil, the only Democrat, took his primary. Glen Davis filed as the only official write in candidate for Sheriff and there were 371 write in votes. If all were for Davis, his name will appear on the November ballot as he has to receive 361 votes.

Although there were no Republican challengers for the board of supervisor positions, Art Babbot was the Democrat selected in the Board of Supervisors District 1 to face Gail Dent of the Change Status Quo party.

In District 3, Matt Ryan will face Independent candidate Jack Duram of Flagstaff.

Democrat Patty Hansen will face Independent Troy Troutman of Parks for the office of County Recorder.

There were write in votes for Libertarians, Green Party and Americans Elect party, but their names are not known or if they garnered enough votes to appear on the ballot in November.

Statewide, with not all precincts reporting, it appears that only about 23% of voters turned out to vote in the primary. Coconino county is sitting at about 22% of voters.