A funny thing about the weather

santa-fe-201412270-02WILLIAMS – Friday night I came home after walking the dog in about 25-degree temperature. The wind chill factor made it seem more like about 18-degrees. A friend reported that overnight temperatures reached the predicted 12-degrees.

I turned on the news and the Phoenix weather man reported that it was going to get cold in Phoenix and that temperatures had already dropped to 40-degrees in some areas.

That was more than our daytime temperature.

This being our coldest month, Williams and Flagstaff can expect a chance of rain and snow showers starting Tuesday through Friday with a possibility of about 3-inches, according to the long range forecast.

The highest temperature expected will be about 38-degrees tomorrow dropping to around 33 on New Year’s Day. The low at night will be about 17 tomorrow dropping to about 14-degrees on the First of January.
While the cool weather has caused ice to form on top of the Santa Fe reservoir and kept snow on the ground, so far it is not near enough to affect a change in the water situation of the northern Arizona.