Texas congressmen submit bills to limit refugees


300px-Tulsi_GabbardCongress is in a rush to pass bills concerning the recent refugees of young, fighting age men from Syria. The bills are along party lines with the Democrats trying to take in as many as will fit in a boat.

Democrats are concerned about the Christians, all of the sudden. Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii has submitted H.Res.435, “Recognizing the persecution of religious and ethnic minorities, especially Christians and Yezidis, by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as Daesh, and calling for the immediate prioritization of accepting refugees from such communities.” (minus the Christians they throw overboard) It makes no mention of the Christians persecuted here in America, of course.

The web site, D.C. Clothesline, is reporting on one Texas Congressman from the other side of the aisle.

300-Brian-BabinTexas Republican Brian Babin, from the 36th district, has submitted H.R.3314, the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act of 2015, would prohibit the admission of refugees into the U.S. until Congress passes a joint resolution giving them authority. Section 2 of the bill specifies:

Beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security may not admit into the United States an alien under section 207 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1157) until such time as Congress passes a joint resolution giving the Secretary authority to resume admitting aliens under such section.

The bill would also require a GAO study of:

  1. The average duration for which such an alien received benefits under a program described in section 4.
  2. The percentage of such aliens who received benefits under a program described in section 4.
  3. The cost, per year, to each program described in section 4 for such aliens.
  4. The number of such aliens who paid Federal income tax or Federal employment tax during the first year after being admitted to the United States.
  5. The cost, per year, to the program described in paragraph (5) of section 4 for such aliens.
  6. The number and percentage of such aliens who received benefits under a program described in section 4—
    (A) 2 years after being admitted to the United States;
    (B) 5 years after being admitted to the United States; and
    (C) 10 years after being admitted to the United States.
  7. The cost, per year, to the Federal Government, to State governments, and to units of local government of providing other benefits and services, directly or indirectly, to such aliens.

The benefits listed under Section 4 of the bill that must be reported are:

  1. The Medicare program under title XVIII of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395 et seq.).
  2. The Medicaid program under title XIX of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1396 et seq.).
  3. Disability insurance benefits under title II of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 402 et seq.).
  4. The supplemental nutrition assistance program under the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 (7 U.S.C. 2011 et seq.).
  5. Rental assistance under section 8 of the United States Housing Act of 1937 (42 U.S.C. 1437f).

So these “refugees” will be able to come here and and reap the “benefits” you pay for. We just want to know how much it costs. The benefits that elderly Americans have to wait for (while the U.S. Government hopes they die first), such as disability. They will be waived the fines (or taxes depending on which Supreme Court Justice you talk to) that Americans incur because they cannot afford Obamadoesntcare on their own because they are struggling to feed their families because they are not eligible to get food in a SNAP. The poor refugees will just have to wait until Congress says it’s okay.

300-Michael-McCaulAnother bill, sure to draw the ire of Senator John McCain of Arizona, is a little more stringent. Republican Representative Michael McCaul of the 10th district of Texas has submitted H.R. 3573, the Refugee Resettlement Oversight and Security Act of 2015. This bill seeks to limit the number of refugees, somewhat.

Before the beginning of a fiscal year and after appropriate consultation, the President shall submit to Congress a recommendation on the number of refugees who may be admitted under this section in any fiscal year.

This bill requires the following reports from the GAO not later than one year after this bill passes (if it should pass):

  1. The number of refugees that the Secretary of Homeland Security determined were admissible under paragraph (3) of section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(3)), but who, subsequent to admission to the United States, became inadmissible under such paragraph.
  2. Federal agencies which are not, as of the date of the report, involved in making determinations of admissibility of refugees under such paragraph, which the Comptroller General determines should be so involved.
  3. Issues or gaps in the process for determining the admissibility of refugees under such paragraph.
  4. Recommendations for improving the process for determining the admissibility of refugees under such paragraph in order to better protect the security of the United States.

The one problem with this bill is that it expects the GAO to report refugees who have been admitted, but we realize should not have been admitted. Does he expect that the Department of Homeland Security would keep track of them once they are here? Once they are nestled in their little cell awaiting orders? They can’t even keep track of an illegal deported five-times who kills a woman in San Francisco. (Don’t worry. They will really deport him this time and he’ll stay deported!)

Section 5 of this legislation would give preference to Syrian and Iraqi refugees who are of a “religious minority.”

Beginning in fiscal year 2016 and ending in fiscal year 2020, when considering the admission of refugees who are nationals or citizens of Iraq or Syria, the President shall prioritize refugees who are members of a religious minority community, and have been identified by the Secretary of State, or the designee of the Secretary, as a persecuted group.

In Muslim States that would lead one to presume he is referring to Christians. We are, however, relying on the John Kerry State Department to make that determination.

One might think that it will take time to for these government reports to go through keeping the invasion at bay. When the government wants something, however, those reports will fly out faster than an appointment at a VA hospital. Okay, that is a bad comparison. Everything in the government happens faster than an appointment at a VA hospital.

None of them seem to readily admit that the U.S. government funded ISIS and now they are hoping that bombing the homes of these refugees will correct their mistakes. How about defunding terrorist organizations by using our own oil reserves instead of paying Saudi Arabia?

Please watch your children while camping.

jerold-williams-nWILLIAMS — Since last Thursday, the missing 5-year-old Jerold Williams caught the attention of a nation. Young Jerold was lost while walking with his mother near Jacobs Lake in the northern Kaibab Forest. Searchers from several agencies searched from the the time he was reported missing until they, unfortunately, found him deceased yesterday. This sad event underscores the necessity to watch your children closely while camping. Even an adult can become disoriented in unfamiliar territory. With hunting season approaching it become even more imperative that you keep children close to camp.

There are, also, wild animals that may attract attention of young children. Unfortunately this may include skunks which have been known to have contracted rabies. Deer and elk may seem tame to pet, but they can turn and attack without warning. Yes, we even have the more dangerous variety of animals; mountain lions and bears.

If you are coming to camp in any forest in northern Arizona, you must realize that it is heavily wooded. A child can easily become separated in the heavy brush. If you notice your child missing, please report it immediately. Particularly if you are not sure how long the child was missing.

Then, if you must, search carefully and watch for any clues that you can report to authorities. In the case of a missing child, use 911. Remember that cell phones may not work in remote camp sites. You may have to drive toward Williams before you can pick up a signal.

Our prayers are with the family that suffered this tragic loss.

Are you up for the PTSD Challenge?

Glen Davis

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a complication many veterans suffer with upon returning home. It used to be called “battle fatigue.” They find it difficult to sleep because of dreams or memories. They find it difficult to relax because they are used to constantly being on guard. Sharp loud noises which most civilians take for granted are grating on the nerves of these veterans.

22 veterans die each day by taking their own lives. The 22 Until None Facebook page documents the continuing victims of war each day.

While Ted Turner and VA representatives may find it fun to mock the 22 suicides daily, veterans of all eras take it very seriously. Our prayer for this Independence day is that we become independent of this suicide trend. That from here on out, our brothers and sisters seek the help they need. There are plenty of veterans out there that know what you are going through. Some of us do not. We are, however, willing to spend the time to listen to your story.

To raise awareness, Iron Apparel (Facebook) has issued a video challenge in hopes of raising $22,000 for the PTSD Foundation of America. The challenge is in the video below.

The T-shirts they speak of can be found at their website. I ordered mine today and with shipping it costs about $35. You may simply donate $22 directly to the PTSD foundation.

To help raise awareness more, however, I will do a video completing the challenge since my T probably will not arrive for two- to three-weeks. Watch for the video and I will throw down the gauntlet then.

Another healing resource used by a friend of mine is Honor House in Phoenix.

Whether you have served or not, you can help by contributing to these resources.

IPhoneConservative teaches Poe’s Law

A YouTube video was published on May 20, 2015 by IPhoneConservative which will probably go viral without the warning he or she attaches.

For those that understand “Poe’s Law” no further disclaimer is required. For those that don’t………I suggest you look it up.

WikiPedia calls Poe’s Law a “literary adage” and attributes it to a post by Nathan Poe in a 2005 debate on a Christian forum concerning creation v. evolution.


Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is uttrerly [sic] impossible to parody a Creationist in such a way that someone won’t mistake for the genuine article. Source

The idea is that one should mark their statements on the Internet because one cannot see the body language or hear the inflections in the voice of the individual to tell if it is real or sarcasm. This does not apply to writing such as the Right Wing Extremism memorandum.

He was attacking the intelligence of Christians.

IPhoneConservative admitted in one of the comments:

Folks…….this a spoof. It was never intended to be taken as a legitimate news report. Obviously two things are at play here. One, I did the job too well. Two, we have come to the stage in the Obama presidency where quite literally……….anything is possible.

Anything indeed. Just after the initial “election” of Barrack Obama, I received a series of interesting phone calls which I reported on. The most interesting was the audio I was able to obtain.

I do not have statistics on how many people actually fell into the scam. I do not know how many people actually believed that Obama was going to pay for their mortgage, car, gas or Obamaphone.


Poor lighting cause of poor looking meal

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — A photo of a Federally-approved lunch released to the Internet and picked up by WAVY television is becoming viral.
EAG News reports that Congress is intending to “add flexibility” to the unpopular school lunch program instead of scraping it all together.

A parent at the James Hurst Elementary school took the photo of the unappealing meal and placed it on social media. After dozens of people contacted 10 On Your Side who in turn contacted Portsmouth Public Schools.

We appreciate this parent’s concern about the presentation of this school lunch. Poor lighting and food presentation make this lunch unappealing.

Thus, because of the lighting, your eyes may see the photo above instead of the reality that follows.

Is Jade Helm operation a casual exercise or prelude to martial law?

Updated: 4/2/2015, 9:10 a.m.


But in republics there is more vitality, greater hatred, and more desire for vengeance, which will never permit them to allow the memory of their former liberty to rest; so that the safest way is to destroy them or to reside there.—The Prince, Nicolo Machiavelli CHAPTER V

Since the Daily Mail news story on Operation Jade Helm (PDF), the blogosphere has exploded with every possibility of conspiracy.

Concerns in the southwest are not totally unfounded; particularly in light of the Bundy Ranch episode last year on March 27. One communist web site, relying heavily on reports from the Southern Enriched-By-Taxpayer-Dollars Law Center, was stressed that the militia was actually doing what it is supposed to do. Stopping national government encroachment. The government-approved Federalist papers as, well as those Federalist Papers not so well-known, make that clear.

One can certainly question the premise of “Master the Human Domain.”

According to the Mail, the operation scheduled from July 15 to September 15 will feature:

  • Operation Jade Helm will see 1,200 service members including Green Berets and SEALs and special forces from the Air Force and Marines in July
  • Soldiers armed with blank rounds will operate in and around towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado for 8 weeks
  • The so-called Realistic Military Training has some residents fearful the drill is a preparation for martial law

The premise of this operation is that Texas has been invaded by a “hostile force” and has to be retaken.

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Lastoria denounced this as a prelude to martial law in Stars and Stripes.

Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, a USASOC spokesman, confirmed that there is an upcoming exercise called Jade Helm 15 which is scheduled to take place this summer at locations in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, California and Nevada. But he denied the event is preparation for some sort of military takeover.

A judge in Texas apparently agrees.
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Why There Shouldn’t Be a Minimum Wage

Ethan-GloverGuest Editorial By Ethan Glover
Writer at Anarchant and creator/admin for Liberty Resource Directory.

theytookourjobsIn 2015, this week, 21 states will be raising the minimum wage. New wages will range from $8 to $9.15 as compared to the federal minimum of $7.25. This made me wonder where the movement for $15/hr went, I haven’t heard from them in a while.

Turns out, Seattle implemented a $15 minimum wage early this year. What were the effects?

Managers started to take on more responsibility as opposed to hiring.
Large companies laid off employees and canceled plans to hire.
Small businesses are moving or closing.
Many products added “living-wage surcharges,” including parking.
Companies cut employee benefits and overtime.

On the positive side, despite no one hiring, there has been a huge increase in job applications.

The Real Cost of Minimum Wage

The argument against minimum wage is simple. It might not be profitable for a company to hire someone at a higher wage, so they don’t hire. If someone can’t produce $7.25/hr, you’re condemning him or her to a wage of $0.

One argument says that the minimum wage raises the standard of living for all. Lowering it would hurt everyone.

This is ridiculous considering that most jobs pay above the minimum due to competition and profits. Lowering the minimum does nothing but lower the barrier to entry.

Minimum wage isn’t for adults looking for a particular “standard of living.” Jobs like food preparation and retail floor sales isn’t the kind of thing you should be doing as a middle-aged parent.

Those jobs are for young people who need to earn experience and learn skills. Minimum wage jobs need little to no skill and operate in a low risk environment. (Missing a day of work at McDonald’s isn’t going to hurt anyone.)

Read more at Anarchant

Ashton Carter as Secretary of Defense? Are you kidding me?

Wikipedia photo by David Shankbone.

Wikipedia photo by David Shankbone.

This has got to be some kind of “punk,” right? The guy from That ’70’s show as Secretary of Defense?

I mean I know appointees “retire” so quick on him that he has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find people. But does he have to pick a guy whose closest military experience has been to watch Demi Moore in A Few Good Men and that debacle GI Jane.

I guess he did do some Texas Ranger movie a few years ago. Come on. This is a guy who gets himself in trouble “tweeting.” I mean….

Oh. Wait a minute. That’s Ashton Kutcher. Sorry, dude. Go back to whoever you were punking.

Who is Ashton Carter?

Government Bullies vs. The Grove and Cheba Hut

By Elisha Dorfsmith
Flagstaff Liberty Blog

Last month when the Daily Sun published an article about a party at the Grove Student Housing Complex that was “totally out of control” I knew that there had to be an ulterior motive behind it. After all, the moment police showed up the party dispersed and only a handful of drunk in public arrests were made. No force was used to break up the party. Hardly sounds uncontrollable to me.

Adding to the misinformation was a report released by Flagstaff PD that said 750-1,000 students were at the party. My sources tell me that in reality there were only 200-300 people there. The extent that Flag PD and the Daily Sun were going all out to villainize The Grove had me scratching my head for a reason.

I believe I found the motive when I attended last night’s Flagstaff City Council meeting. …

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Lies and video tape minus the sex

[Title added by Editor]

Not one of the trifecta publicly seen as the political leaders of the Democrat Party; Reid, Pelosi, and Obama never knew who Gruber was. The incredible, consistent, sociopathic lying by these three would be horribly appalling if it were not so damn serious. The sociopathic lying by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, if not called-on and checked by someone who has the platform by which to do so, will collapse this nation. The American People shouted loudly a couple of weeks ago: “STOP!” The American People overwhelmingly shouted: “SAVE OUR COUNTRY!” The American People shouted at the polling booths: “STOP the transformation of our country; STOP the Marxism dressed-up in all sorts of rags to make it look appealing!” The American People gave the Republican Party grand permission to STOP Reid, Pelosi, and Obama and call them on all their lies!”

Reid, Pelosi, and Obama are racing all over the place telling anyone who will listen, “I (We) didn’t know Gruber, or “he was not on staff” or other lies, lies, lies! STOP IT!! Someone needs to wash their mouths out with soap!! Sociopathic liars all. Just look at the youtube site below where…you guessed it, Reid is praising Gruber all over the place. Obama doesn’t know him, but he was in private meetings in the Oval with Obama. Gruber made close to $6-million dollars being paid to be this all-knowing, all-wise, political and economic consultant, as well as health-care expert. ENOUGH! Enough lies and other sociopathic behaviors. ENOUGH!

Harry Reid is all over the place claiming he doesn’t know Gruber. Well, heck, Harry…just watch the youtube site below and listen to your own bellicose praising of the guy. By-the-way Harry, the date of your admiration speech was December 1, 2009, I believe it was a Tuesday.