Predator Protection: The Anti’s Endgame

by Broadfoot Media Group on June 7, 2012

Talk to a fellow hunter about wolves, cougars or bears and their first reaction will most likely be that their populations are out of control and must be scientifically managed. Ask an anti-hunter and you will hear that they are the most majestic, critical, endangered and necessary animal to ever set foot in the woods.

The truth is predators are a critical tool in the endgame of the anti-hunting movement far more than they are critical to “balancing our ecosystem”, as they would have the general public believe. The portrayal of the wolf, cougar, bear, coyote and other predators as harmless creatures that only kill the weak and diseased is nothing more than a marketing scheme aimed at making the prey the perpetrator. It has been very successful for the anti-hunting movement as they have made predators the star player in their endgame to ban all hunting.

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