Are you dead yet?

WILLIAMS—The end of the world has not occurred in Williams, as of this writing, so perhaps we can expect the snow that is anticipated for Sunday night. That snow moved up from an earlier forecast indicating snow Monday.

Barring a late strike by Nimbiru, the alien planet predicted to smash into the earth, the last Advent concert will be held beginning at 4 p.m. on Sunday at St. John’s Episcopal Church on the corner of 2nd Street and Grant.

No massive tidal waves are expected from the Santa Fe dam nor Buckskinner park to flood Williams, knock down homes and kill massive amounts of people because—Well, there is not enough water. In addition they are now frozen over.

Stores and restaurants are open downtown so you might visit and look for end-of-the-world savings.

Of course, we still have until 11:59:59 to see if the world does, indeed, melt down.