Reporter Ben Swann Smeared For Questioning Media’s Sandy Hook Narrative

Christopher McDaniel

Ben Swann Facebook

Ben Swann is an anchor for Fox 19 in Cincinnati. According to his bio, Swann has been the recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award and two Emmys for his work. He is not a sensationalistic reporter. He is not out to “get clicks” at the expense of his integrity. Swann is, quite possibly, the last bastion of journalistic integrity in America today.

I first started following him last year when I saw one of the segments in his “Reality Check” series during the political primary season. I found Swann to be engaging and honest. He never issued verdicts, but rather always presented the facts as they stood and asked questions to engage the viewer in critical thought.

Salon published a piece on Monday about him, attempting to disguise itself as balanced, but it falters throughout. The author, Alex Seitz-Wald, repeatedly portrays Swann’s commentary with a not-so-subtle amount of sarcasm. It is quite obvious that Ben Swann is striking a nerve with the national media.

His latest piece, via his web-based, “Full Disclosure” series, does not allude to any of the shootings being a “false flag” or a “hoax.” However, it does what we the people should demand of journalists — it asks questions. Swann asks how so many eyewitnesses can claim to see multiple shooters at these events, and somehow all we get is a lone gunman narrative, every single time.

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